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Movie Review... Men In Black 3

Men in Black 3

I first saw this trailer almost 5 months ago.  When I saw the trailer I just felt kinda okay about it.  Maybe because of my experience with the 2 previous Men in Black movies which was shown almost a decade ago.

My main impression of the trailer was that "Oh, it's just like previous Men In Black where they fight aliens, cool gadgets and comic lines from Will Smoth.  I already had a prediction of what this movie would be like, even up to the plot, etc.

I watched this movie on its first day showing 23rd of May 2012.  I bought a ticket to the last full show which is around 7:30 PM in a 3D cinema.

***Attention SPOILERS!!!***

If you hadn't watched the movie, then please don't read this.  However, if you really want to kill the excitement that this movie would bring to your cinematic experience, then it's up to you.  No blame game later people.


Will Smith as Agent J

Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K

Josh Brolin as Young Agent K

Jemaine Clement as Boris the Animal

Emma Thompson as Agent O

Alice Eve as Young Agent O

Michael Stuhlberg as Griffin

NIcole Scherzinger as Boris' Girlfriend

Michael Chernus as Jeffrey Price

Mike Colter as Colonel



Agent J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) have been partners for several years now however, their relationship has always been professional only, not talking about each other's personal lives which was just one way, because Agent J, as lively and inquisitive as he always is, wants to know more about his partner Agent K.

It all started when Boris the animal (Jemaine Clement), Agent K's former nemesis 40 years ago, got out of the Lunar Prison (in the moon, of course) with the help of his girlfriend (Nicole Scherzinger) who, after rescuing him, just let her out the space to die.

After receiving another report about an alien activity in a Chinese restaurant, Agents J and K were the first to respond.  After carefully investigating the premises, they found alien food being prepared in the kitchen, a giant fish in an aquarium, a slobby fish head on the chopping board and a spiky alien fish already prepared for cooking. After going back inside the restaurant, they found themselves surrounded by aliens which led to yet another shooting fight.

Agent K went inside the kitchen again and found the cook dead, followed Boris the animal on the roof, while Agent J was busy fighting the giant alien fish. Soon they won, but Boris the animal told Agent K that he is already dead.

Agent J was very curious as to why Agent K looks a litlle fidgetty after the incident which led him to return to their base and search about Agent K and Boris the animal, which led him to know about Agent K and Boris the Animal's previous fight which led to Agent K's victory and setting up the Arcnet (Some kind of shield) that protects the earth from Bogladytes (alien race), other than that, other information was classified above his payroll.

Agent O (Emma Thompson), the new director of MIB that replaced Agent Zed, explained that this information is not available for Agent J and that he needs to go on a leave.  Agent J discovers that what happened 40 years ago, might be the reason for Agent K's serious and closed personality.

Agent K, feeling weary about his argument with Agent J, called the  latter and tried to explain but he can't.  Agent K, prepares for another battle, but then he just vanished, and everything was changed.

Agent J went to Agent K's place and found that he is not there.  He also had a new craving for chocolate milk. He then goes to the MIB base and had found out that everything has changed.  Noone knew who Agent K was.  He thought everyone was just joking.  Until, Agent O explained to him that Agent K was dead for 40 years now.

They then received a warning about the evation of Bogladytes, and that there is no Arcnet, since Agent K died 40 years ago and Boris the Animal fled, hence the present evation of Bogladytes.

Agent O, upon seeing that Agent J has a new craving for Chocolate milk relaized that Agent J was telling the truth and that he was trapped in a dimentional time change.  Agent O then asks Agent J to go back to time and redo the history that was changed.

He seeks the help of Jeffrey Price (Michael Chernus) who gives him a time machine called the Time Jump, however, he needs to jump from a really really high place.  Before he jumps, he can see the Bogladytes starting the evasion.

Upon arriving in the year 1969, a day before the reported death of Agent K, Agent J went to Coney Island to transcept Boris the Animal, where on that day, he killed a certain Roman The Fabulist.  Apparently, Agent J was late because he arrived when Roman was already killed and Boris had fled, but he had met the Young Agent K, who ended up tasing him.

Agent J woke up at the MIB office where he was being interrogated by the Young Agent K, who doesn't believe anything he says.  He then met the Young Agent O (Alice EVe) and confirmed that Agent K and Agent O have something between them.  Agent K then proceeded in neutralizing (process of rebooting the person's memory) Agent J. But before doing so, Agent J admitted that he had come from the future and he would help Agent K, where the Young Agent K accepted.

He then sets out to stop Boris the animal, along the way they met Griffin (Michael Stuhlberg), a lone survivor of an alien race who can see through different dimensions of time.  He then said that he will give them what they want if they were to meet again. This is when Boris attacked them, but then fled.

Through Agent J's knowledge of the past, he was able to decipher Griffin's message which led them to meet again.  There, Agent J and Young Agent K was able to have a taste of Griffin's power and was able to see an event which would happen 3 months from then.  Unknowingly, Boris then snatched Griffin and ride away with him.  After a unicycle chase, they were able to retrieve Griffin.

Boris, who have taken Griffin's box, thought that he had taken the arcnet, but it was just a decoy.  Then this was the time that Boris from the future, arrived and told Boris of the present of his plans.

Griffin gives Agent J and Agent K the arcnet and advised them to have it set to space to activate it.  That's when they set to put the arcnet on Appolo 11 which was set to be launched tomorrow.

They set to Cape Canaveral to set the Arcnet.  There they were transcepted by the military guards of Cape Canaveral Air Force Base.  They were brought to their colonel.  They were then commanded out but Griffin showed Colonel what he needs to see, which led him to change his mind and support the agents cause.  Griffin however does not want to continue with the 2 MIB agents, without stating he said he can't bare to watch what happens next.

They then set to the rocket where they met the 2 Borises, the present and future.  Young Agent K battled with Boris from the present, while Agent J with Boris from the future.  After several minutes of fistfight and action, and a little gadget trick from Agent J, they were able to defeat both Borises and Young Agent K was able to set the arcnet on top of Apollo 11 rocket.  The rocket then set to space and the arcnet was activated as a shield for Bogladytes.

Young Agent K met with the colonel and thought that Agent J went back to the past.  Agent K recruited the colonel but Boris of the present was able to escape death and shot the colonel.  He urged Agent K to arrest him, knowing that like Boris from the future he will be able to return and set things right.  However, because of Agent J's advise to kill Boris and not arrest him, AGent K killed Boris the animal.

There, Agent K met the young James, colonel's son, who we know because of the broken watch that James is later on Agent J.  Agent K neutralized young James and told him that his father was a hero and they set off to walk along the beach.

Agent J then returned to the present/future, then he met Agent K in their favorite cafe.  To Agent J's amusement, Agent K was singing 'New York' by Alicia Keys, which he never does.  Agent J now meets the happy and open Agent K.

When they left, Griffin was seen happy about this moment and predicted a meteor falling to their location because Agent K forgot to leave a tip.  Then, AGent K came back which led the meteorite to hit a satellite.



All in all, the usual comedy and action that MIB brought on the previous movies were consistent on this movie.  The gadgets however were not noteworthy however, seeing the previous gadgets in the year 1969 compared to the gadgets in the present day MIB, it was hilarious especially Agent K's neutralyzer which uses battery and takes time to set.

This episode also brought to light the relationship that Agent K and Agent J have/had.  This explained Agent K's demeanor.  This also put a little love story to Agent K with Agent O.

The character that I guess most of us like is Griffin. He is such a jolly fellow, always smiling and optimistic unless he sees something not to be happy about.  He also talks all-knowingly but in a happy and fast way which is kind of funny and cute.

Boris was really creepy, disgusting and dirty. Hahaha. I dislike him in all possible way, except the time when he was angered by the Boris in the year 1969 because he (latter Boris) was staring at Boris's (from the future) cut arm.



On the scale of 1 to 10, ten as the highest:
1) Action scenes: 6
2) Comedy Scenes: 9
3) Gadgets: 7
4) Characters: 9
5) Visual Effects: 9
6) Story: 8


This is my first review so hopefully, you will comment as to what I need to improve or add. Thank you.

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