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Gay Review: Queeriosity Palace (BathHouse)

Date Visited May 28, 2012 7PM

I just decided to sign up for Queeriosity Palace last Monday.  I just want to make a review of this talked about place.

Queeriosity Palace - As their website say "MEN'S PRIVATE SANCTUARY AND PLAYGROUND"

Address - 1946 F.B. Harrison St. Pasay City, Metro Manila Philippines

How to Get There:
If you're from Manila:
Take a Jeepney that says Dakota Harrison Plaza, alight at F.B. Harrison cormer Ocampo St. then take a bus southward going to Pasay, once you see UniOil, Queeriosity is beside it.
If you're from Pasay:
Take a jeepney that says Harrison Plaza, once you see UniOil, Queeriosity is before it.
If you're from Makati:
From PRC, Take a jeepney that says Libertad LRT, alight at 7-11 Harrison corner Buendia, you can take a jeepney or walk to there.
From Ayala or Buendia, take a bus to 7-11 Harrison corner Buendia, you can take a jeepney or walk to there.
If you're from anywhere outside Makati, Pasay or Manila:
Just take the LRT, alight at Buendia Station, take jeepney that says Evangelist, alight at 7-11 Harrison corner Buendia, you can take a jeepney or walk to there.
You can also take the MRT, alight at Taft station, take M.Reyes Jeepney, alight at F.B. Harrison corner Libertad Street and take another jeepney going to Manila via Harrison

Location Pros:
The location can be easily found, accessible through taxi or jeepney.
The area around is not that noisy or populated.
The signage is legible if you pass by there.

Location Cons:
The location is near a lot of Beerhouses and establishments and in front of a residential area, not suitable for those who does not want seen entering this kind of place.

Operating Hours:
Sunday to Thursday 6PM to 2AM
Friday, Saturday and Holidays 6PM to 3AM

Requirement for Membership:
Php 100 - Annual Membership Fee
Two valid IDs

Fees and Rates:
Sunday to Thursday - Php150 (6PM to 7PM) Php240 (7PM to 2AM)
Friday, Saturday and Holidays - Php180 (6PM to 7PM) Php260 (7PM to 3AM)

There are a lot of promos every now and then.
Avail huge discounts upon bringing a friend who is not yet a member.
Some random promos or discounts, juct check website for info.

Floor Plan

How things work in QP:
1) Enter the Lobby where you will find right away accommodating boys.
2) Proceed to the Registration Area and inform them that it is your first time.
3) Present 2 valid IDs and pay the annual membership fee plus the entrance fee depending on the day and time of your visit.  Note: Coming in between 6-7PM is cheaper compared to later time.
4) They will give you your key with a number.
5) If you are wearing shoes, bag and jacket, leave it on the deposit stalls on your right when facing the registration area. The staff will give you a number for claiming you bag and shoes.
6) Proceed to the safety deposit box area where another staff is going to take your cellphone, wallet/money, and other valuable items.  He will log these items in their directory and keep your items in a safety deposit box corresponding your locker number.
7) Proceed to the locker area and look for your locker number. Remove all your clothes and you can leave your underwear depending on your choice.  You will find a free condom in your locker for your perusal.
8) You can go back to the powder room if you want to freshen up.
9) Upon exiting the locker room, you will see the bar than serves different beverages.  On the left is the KTV Area with tables and chairs. And further left are the shower area and toilet.  Note: THis shower area is open so it's only for those bold enought to bare it all.
10) From the KTV area you can go right to the Jacuzzi area, but unfortunately, only available on Fridays and Saturdays, I guess, as well as the steam room.

11) You can then proceed to the second floor. Upon reaching the top of the stairs, you can either go right for the cruising hallways and rooms or left to the movie room and internet cafe.
12) On the right you will be faced with dark hallways with floors lit in red lights. sometimes they use ultraviolet lights I guess on weekends.  On these dark hallways, you can cruise and meet your fellow members.  It is lit well so you can really see their faces.  If you find someone to your liking and the feeling is mutual, you can pull him to one of the many rooms there.  Don't worry the room has a bed with think foam matress which is comfortable.  Note: All rooms have fan, exhaust fan, and light, but not all functions in all rooms.
13) On the end of the hall, you can turn right and right again that leads to the more discreet shower cubicles and toilets unlike the showers on the first floor. Hot and cold water regulator and liquid soap are available.
14) On the second floor, from the stairs, turn left and go straight the hallway, after the passage going to the internet cafe and movie room, there is a room there with 2 doors where there is only a bench inside, available for those who want to have sex in an open place.
15) Beside it is a passage that leads to another stairs going down to the jacuzzi area.  The internet room is beside the stairs, with 2 computers available.
16) Proceed further and you will see the video room for those who want a little encouragement before a hearty battle.
17) Beside the KTV room are the Private rooms, I think it's for those who want massage from the resident masseur, I don't know, I haven't tried it.

Crowd Age Range:
18-40, I have met someone there at the age 42 I guess.



Since I came there for research and not for sex, I did a little conversation with some members there as to what they think about QP.

Hunky Guy, smooth and fair, and English-speaking, Top, around 28 years old: "The good thing about QP is that there are a lot of variety with the members, but the problem is not most of them are top or pretending to be top.  Jacuzzi not always available, shower area always crowded, not all lights functioning and I really want light when I'm having sex, I wanna see the person's face while he's sucking me.

Effem Guy, thin, moreno, maarte (Haha), Bottom, around 37 years old: "I am a nurse in Pampanga and I only go here once a week.  QP is very discreet, quiet and relaxing unlike Epitome, F and other Bath Houses.  Problem here is that most people that come here are bottoms like me, and those remaining top are either not good-looking or too fat for me. But there are some gorgeous guys coming here, but sadly they don't pick me.  So I settle for the younger ones. They're easy to get.

Chubby Guy, moreno, petite, Versa, around 25: "I come here once every 2 weeks because most of the time I come here, I got depressed because most people won't pick me.  I settle for those who are not that good-looking.  Some guys here are so arrogant when rejecting you."

Chubby Guy, fair, fair-height, versa, around 27: "I come here once in a while when I feel the urge, tired or lonely.  It's kinda amazing that sometimes those so-so guys would reject me, thenn good-looking guys choose me.  For me, everything here is a matter of luck."

Lean guy, moreno, cute, bottom, around 19: "I am not ugly I know that, but really sometimes I get rejected.  But most of the time I got chosen because I am smooth and sexy and I am a great bottom.  I really love them to fuck me. But after 1 or 2 partners I immediately go home."

Lean guy, moreno, cute, top, around 23: "Most of the time I don't flirt.  I just stand there and wait for people to approach me.  I usually stay at the well-lit areas because I want to see the person's face clearly before hooking up with him.  The problem here is that most guys don't know how to ask you properly.  AYoko ng bastos.  I want them to ask me nicely and sweet.  I want to have sex with someone I am fond of as well.
All in all, I can say that Queeriosity is a place best fit for those who have a very discreet lifestyle, those who don't want to look for partners in cinemas, malls, parties, etc. but in a place where they can talk quietly or just have sex.

The place is tidy, quiet, relaxing, accessible, well-lit, well-maintained.  Actually I can't find any flaw aside from the lights and fans not working sporatically, and the jacuzzi and steam bath not abailable on weekdays.


I don't have any relation nor do I know the owner or manager of Queeriosity.  I have not met or knew any of them.  I am doing this review in my own discretion.

Also, I did not use my real name when registering there so don't bother looking for me there. Hahaha.

If you want to have anything reviewed, please email me at

Thank you.

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